Thursday, September 20, 2012

My First Painted Kit - Throne Eins

I did spray painting way back for almost 1 or 2 years ago, I can't really remember, but my first painted kit was a 1/144 HG Throne Eins.

I bought this kit second hand - Yup. And it's really a waste before - there are way too many nub marks and the panel line was a total blowout - the former owner of this kit used a very thick permanent marker and used it to panel line and paint the whole kit so I needed to thin down every piece, prime and paint all over again - yeah, I know what most of you were thinking - I should've just bought a brand new kit - but seeing how I saved this kit is quite an experience and it looks really brand new now with the flat finish - so it's worth it.

(I just don't have before and after pictures of the kits but believe me - you wouldn't want to see this model kit just before I bought it - just imagine a child's coloring book - and this is way worse before.)

I'm "Bosny-biased" on this kit. I used Bosny primer, paints and topcoat down to every color. I'm also pretty impressed with the result. During this time I'm still not very familiar on how to panel line but I think I've panelled most parts from this kit like the V-fin, shield, GN compressor and etc. Bottomline is I like the result of my own custom color - Yes. This isn't the Throne Eins original color, I haven't found an industrial paint which shows the exact color from the Eins which is more like a dark chocolate or whatever so I resorted to using black which I believe is better than the original.

For those who wanted a review of this kit I'm going to give you a link I found on youtube, he reviewed the kit well, so for those who are thinking of getting this kit or not, here's the link to help you decide:

One of the things I like on the throne kits are its cockpits, I think its very slim and sturdy looking and also the CRAB LEGS - yeah!!! you might be wondering how the this model kit stands but believe me - those huge crab legs helps a lot for balance. Another thing I like is its crossbow-like gun and GN Launcher which can be attached to one another. I also modded some parts like those white parts on the crab feet ,crossbow gun, shield and etc - I made them bulky so as to stand out (it doesn't show much on the pics but it's really good to see in person).

Overall, for a "disastered" second hand kit - I think I made it looked cool enough. It's really not that easy painting a 1/144 because the masking and those little parts would kill you. That's why most modelers always opt for 1/100 scale and above for kits. But I like the price of this kit when I bought it and I love the result.

Okay, so I think this ends my discussion for a first painted kit.
Till my next post!!!

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